Yarns from
branded fibers

An ABY™ commitment to bring a wide range of products through tie-ups with leading fibre manufacturers across the world.

Yarns from Branded fibers HHH

Yarn from Branded Fibers & its blends

Cotton Modal
12 to 40
100% Modal Vortex & Ring Yarn
20 to 40
Micro Modal
100 % Micro Modal and blends
30 to 70
100% Excel and Blends
20 to 50
100% and Blends
12 to 30
Trevira Low Pill
100% Trevira
15 to 30
100% and blends
15 to 30
100% and Blends
12 to 30
Anti Pill Acrylic
Anti Pill Acrylic
Nm 20s to 40s
Amicor (Anti Bacterial Acrylic )
As required
100% Acrylic Dyed yarn HB on cones
As required

* Wherever not specified, the count range is in Ne

ABY™ under its strong product portfolio brings you a range of yarns from branded fiber and it’s blend from leading fiber manufacturers across the world. Each product brings unique benefit to value chain and to end user.

Birla Modal - Pure Indulgence. Now in fabrics

Snuggle up to the super softness of Birla Modal, drown yourself in it, and get pampered by this Natural Splendour! The super softness and fineness of this modal, combined with its unique strength, gives garments a never before feel of opulence and indulgence. The richness and comfort of this fibre creates an out of the world experience- a little bit of ‘heaven’ in your clothing.

Application : Women’s ready to wear, Active wear, Home textile, Intimate apparel and kids wear.


Birla Excel - Easy Luxury

Birla Excel is the third generation of man-made cellulosic fibre. It is designed to satisfy the need for a product that provides the comfort and luxury of a natural fibre, with the engineered finish of a man-made fibre. It is the only known standalone fibre, which is natural, ecofriendly, with high strength, high absorbency, excellent feel and a brilliant luster. Key Benefit : Has an elegant look, Feels super soft, Has tough tensile strength, Is very breathable, Retains colour, Has excellent sheen and drape.

Application : Denim, shirting, formal wear and home textile.



Pilbloc® is the next generation anti-pill fibre from Birlacryl®. Pilbloc® fibre is characterized by its high degree of Pilling Grade in addition to the unique Hand Feel and Softness. Pilbloc® fibers will reduce pilling over repeated use/washing and subsequently slows down apparel ageing. Knitwear and Apparels from Pilbloc® fibers stay new and elegant even after repeated washes. Anti-Pilling property imparted during the fiber production process is retained throughout the lifetime of the product. Key Benefits: Pilling Grade of 4-4.5 (ICI Pill Box Test)*,New look even after prolonged use/washing,Soft touch, excellent wearer comfort, Lighter in weight compared to other fibers like cotton, polyester, silk, etc, Cashmere touch even in yarn dyed variety, Versatile Textile Applications, can be blended with other Fibers.

Application : Winter wear.



Amicor® fibers are manufactured by the patented "Late Injection Technology". Amicor® fibers are Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Dust Mite and Anti-Allergic. Anti-Microbial efficacy tested and proven to be durable upto 200 hospital washing cycles.
Brands: Amicor® Pure, Amicor® Breathe and Amicor® Protect
Applications: Beds and Beddings, Carpets and Furnishings, Healthcare and Hospital Textiles, Sports Textiles, Socks and Footwear, Baby Beddings and Clothing, Wipes and Towels, Bandages, Dressings etc.

Amicor® is endorsed by British Allergy Foundation, REACH, Red Cross Hospital (Barcelona) and a measurable benchmark from the World Health Organization makes Amicor® a clear, modern choice for consumers.
Application: Home textile, socks.


COOLMAX® fabric

COOLMAX® fabric features fibers with an engineered cross section enabling moisture to reach the fabric’s outer surface where it evaporates quickly. The thermoregulatory effect helps keep skin temperature low, allowing the wearer feels drier, cooler and more comfortable. The moisture management performance of COOLMAX® fabric is inherent to the fiber itself, therefore it is durable and cannot be washed off. It is an ideal fabric for active wear and ready-to-wear.



The lightweight warmth of THERMOLITE® fabric is provided by core fibers that are uniquely constructed to add appropriate levels of comfort without adding weight. THERMOLITE® fabric comes in a wide range of weights for use in casual and fashion wear, to extreme cold-weather garments, from base layer to outerwear, such as outdoor adventure and ski wear.


ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™

The ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ combination is a unique blend of fibers with a hollow core along with fibers with a channeled surface providing benefits beyond what can be expected by just one type of fiber in a single yarn. Key benefits : Provide year-round thermoregulation and comfort.
Application : Summer & winter sports, active wear, socks

* LYCRA®, COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® are all INVISTA trademarks.