Towards a green future.

A committed effort greener planet with optimum usage of resources and create maximum tangible value to the society at large by adopting the latest technology and process excellence for eliminating waste and bring innovative quality products.

Sustainable Development

ABY™ - Our Commitment for a Greener Tomorrow


ABY™ has a committed strategy for a greener tomorrow which is being implemented at different levels in the business. By nature, the yarn spinning industry is effluent and emission free. For ABY™, corporate responsibility is more than just another business activity and this is reflected in our multiple endeavors related to saving energy, creating value for our customers, happier employees, harmony with our environment and more. We constantly pursue the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies for optimum utilization of power and other natural resources. Regular modernization also ensures that equipment and processes are efficient with minimum wastage of precious energy. ABY™ offers quality products which create long term tangible value to customers and society at large. Our tie-ups with world renowned suppliers are in line with our philosophy of buying only from best. Health and safety at the workplace has been given utmost priority at ABY™ along with our value driven management systems which provide an equal platform for diverse employees.

Long term Sustainability was one of the key criteria while designing the new project. The key features incorporated to bring down the cost and wastages with superior Quality and flexibility for value added quality product and efficient power usage. A key to green environment. Some of features are as follows

  • Variable Frequency drive at all necessary position of equipments
  • Waste filters in blow room
  • Pneumatic suction fan of ring frame
  • Pneumatic suction fan of windings
  • Close loop type system for control of automatic operation of VFD of supply and return air fan from humidity sensors
  • Super high efficiency motors of ring frame with less power consumption
  • High efficiency centrifugal compressor with pneumatic micro-motor control
  • Round type cooling tower with maximum air intake and surface area giving maximum water dispersion with power efficiency
  • Energy efficient lighting systems

Environment Friendly Project

  • Machine exhaust is taken out through underground trenches and overhead pipes and re-circulated after filtering
  • Minimum dust level because of all synthetics material
  • No chemical emissions
  • Environment friendly chillers
  • Minimum sound level because of latest technology equipments
  • No use of additive in process