ABY™ Branding

The Hangtag Program – a sales force deployed for industry; quality and performance assurance for customer.

Fabric Certification – quality assurance to industry; enhanced marketability for the fabricator

ABY™ Branding Program

Hangtag Program:

The specialized hangtags for our branded products assure the consumer about their quality, benefits and enthuse to buy along with recall. Only the garments meeting our rigorous testing parameters are allowed to have ABY™ hangtags thus assuring the consumer only get the best quality product.

Please contact your regional marketing manager for ABY™ Hangtag Policy guidelines.

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Hangtag Program


Fabric Certification Program:

ABY™ Fabric Certification Program provides value to fabric manufacturers and quality assurance to the buyer. Only fabrics meeting international performance standards are certified after evaluation by ABY™ R & D trade wing. Certification improves fabric marketability with assured performance parameters when selling to garment manufacturers.

Please contact your regional marketing manager for ABY™ Fabric Certification guidelines.

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Fabric Certification Program